Cisco DCAUTO exam study resources

I just passed the Cisco DevNet DCAUTO (300-635) exam (Yay!). This is my 3rd Cisco exam on network automation after NPDESI in 2018 (replaced now by the DevNet program), and DevNet CORE (DEVCOR) in 2020. But this time, I documented everything I read, so I could report it here and build a Cisco DCAUTO exam study resources. By doing this, I hope to help anyone who wants to study for this certification. And, as I have already passed the DevNet CORE exam, I am now Cisco certified DevNet Professional.


How to simulate a host in a real network?

How to simulate a host

Like some other posts, I didn’t think I would write this one because it seemed obvious. But, after talking to a lot of engineers and customers, I realized that not everyone knows this trick. So here it is. The question is this: how to simulate a real host in a physical network environment when you don’t have computer at your disposal? Well, let’s take an example.


Automate file uploads to your Cisco Nexus switches

If you have more than three Cisco Nexus switches in nx-os mode, and you are not using Cisco DCNM or any other similar tool, you probably already have encountered this question: How to automate file uploads to your Cisco Nexus switches? Here is a turnkey Python script using Netmiko’s SCP function to do this.


Cisco NX-OS Graceful Insertion and Removal (GIR)

Cisco GIR

If you operate a data-center network with Cisco Nexus, you’ve probably already faced the problem of how to perform a maintenance on one of the two switches of a vPC pair, with minimum impact and risks for the production network. Cisco NX-OS contains a feature called “Graceful Insertion and Removal” or GIR to help you for that. Here is how it works.