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About me

My name is Jerome Tissieres, welcome to my blog.


Jerome Tissieres

Network engineer since 1996, I have a long and successful experience in many different network fields.

I started with Internet services providers

In 1996, I built from scratch the IP network one of the first private Internet services providers in Switzerland. Then, I worked 12 years expanding and operating IP networks for different national Internet service providers. I learned a lot on the job and became a specialist in SP access technologies (dial-up, DSL/DSLAM, CATV, FTTH). In long-haul transport networks (SONET, SDH, and DWDM). In various WAN technologies like Frame-Relay, ATM, Metro-Ethernet rings, MPLS/VPN services, VPLS, Hierarchical-VPLS, and finally in Segment Routing. On routing protocols, especially BGP for edge routing, but also in internal routing protocols like IS-IS, OSPF, and EIGRP. Later, in voice and TV over IP services. And also in many other technologies specific to Internet services providers, for residential and business customers.
During that time, I was also peering manager: in charge of edge routing, capacity planning, upstreams, IXP, and content providers selection, peering negotiations, and operations. And also all the tasks related to IP prefixes and AS numbers assignment, including a strong collaboration with RIPE NCC.

Then, I switched to enterprise networks

After 12 years in the SP field, I worked for 10 years as an enterprise network engineer. First, for the IMD business school in Lausanne, where I was in charge of the entire campus network (wired and wireless access, the campus core, and edge routing), the network security (firewalls, VPNs, IDS/IPS), and the two data-center (data-center and storage networking, load-balancing, domain-names provisioning, SSL/TLS certificates management, I also did a bit of SEO…). Then, I worked for Interroll, a global manufacturer of products for unit-load handling systems, logistics, and automation. With more than 30 locations worldwide, an international MPLS network, and a 24/7 factory production, it was a very interesting experience. And finally, nearly five years as consulting engineer for Swisscom enterprise, the largest network integrator of the country and a long-time Cisco gold partner. During these 10 years, I specialized myself in enterprise networking and consulting: network planning, design and optimizations, routing and switching technologies, corporate wireless access, enterprise security, and mid-size data-center networks.

And now, I work in a data-center

Now, since early 2019, I am working as a network and security engineer for the CSCS in Lugano, Switzerland. The CSCS is part of the ETH Zurich, one of the two Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The ETH Zurich was founded by the Swiss Federal Government in 1854 with the stated mission to educate engineers and scientists, the school focuses exclusively on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The CSCS develops and operates cutting-edge HPC (high-performance computing) systems as an essential service facility for Swiss and European researchers. My daily job is to operate and make evolve the in-house high-speed and low-latency data-center network.

You can find my complete professional experience on my LinkedIn page.

Learning and certifications

During my career, I also kept an important place for learning and self-study. I love learning, labbing, and discover new technologies. I also like to share this knowledge with my colleagues and peers. Working as a network engineer for over 25 years, I have constantly learned: on network and telecommunication technologies, of course, but also on design, project management, best practices, troubleshooting methodologies, configurations and fault management, monitoring, scripting, network automation,  etc. And I am still learning almost every day. This is why I have a passion for this job.


Industry Certifications

I currently hold the following IT certifications:


Cisco “retired” Certifications


  • CMNA
  • CMNO #00177


  • HCSA IP Network



And not CCIE?

No, I am not a CCIE. I passed three times the CCIE Routing and Switching (RS) written exam (versions 4.0 and 5.0) and I failed four times at the CCIE RS lab exam in Brussels. Once at the exam version 4.0, in 2013. And three times at version 5.0, between 2016 and 2017. On my last attempt, I was really close to passing (the result was: pass-pass-fail) but after this failure, I realized that I wasn’t learning anything new and that I was practicing more to pass the exam than to learn. So, I decided to stop chasing my CCIE numbers to have more time to learn new technologies.

During this great journey, I took two Narbik Kocharians / Micronics’s bootcamps and completed multiple times the practice lab workbooks of INE, iPexpert, and Narbik. I also did many practice labs from Cisco expert-level training (formerly Cisco-360). This was a fantastic experience for around five years and I learned a lot!


Cisco Champion since 2019

I am also honored to have been chosen to be part of the Cisco Champion program in 2019 and 2020.

Cisco Champion 2019Cisco Champion 2020


Personal Side

On the personal side, I am married to a wonderful wife and have three beautiful children. My mother tongue is French and since 2010, we live in a nice place called “The Magic Valley” or Vallemaggia, in the Italian part of Switzerland. As you can see, English is not my mother tongue, this may explain some spelling mistakes on this blog, my apologies in advance.



About this blog

“It would be nice to write this in a blog, to help the next person facing the same problem!”

This is what I said, every time I meet a new challenge or problem and cannot find the corresponding documentation. Or when I found undocumented behavior on a network device or protocol. As a network engineer since 1996, I said this phrase millions of times. So here it is now: I created this blog.

I talk here about Cisco, Meraki, Huawei, Mellanox, Cumulus-Linux, and other network systems. The related software for network planning, design, operations, troubleshooting and automation. And also about my learning experiences in networking, software scripting, and cloud.


Prizes and awards

IT Blog awards finalist in 2018 – 2019 – 2020

My blog has been selected as a finalist in the IT Blog Awards, hosted by Cisco:

  • In 2018 in the Best Cert Study Journey category – provides useful insights into the need-to-knows throughout a certification study journey.
  • In 2019 and 2020 in the Most Educational category – Shares great tips, tricks, or how-to’s to help you learn something new or further your understanding on a topic.
ITBlogAwards_2019_Badge-Finalist-MostEducational_small2020 IT Blog Awards finalist

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