Migrating Cisco FabricPath and Classic Ethernet Environments to VXLAN BGP/EVPN over a 400Gb-based Clos Topology, part 1 – the why

During the past three years, I have spent a good portion of my time testing, planning, designing, and then migrating our DC network from Cisco FabricPath and Classic Ethernet environments to VXLAN BGP/EVPN. And simultaneously, from a hierarchical classic two-tier architecture to a more modern Clos 400Gb-based topology. The migration is not yet 100% completed, but it is well underway. And I have gained significant experience on the subject, so I think it’s time to share my knowledge and experiments with our community.


How to simulate a host in a real network?

How to simulate a host

Like some other posts, I didn’t think I would write this one because it seemed obvious. But, after talking to a lot of engineers and customers, I realized that not everyone knows this trick. So here it is. The question is this: how to simulate a real host in a physical network environment when you don’t have computer at your disposal? Well, let’s take an example.