Cisco Live US 2020: To CLUS or not to CLUS? [updated]


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Update March 16, 2020: The in-person event is “relaunched” as an online event.

Here is a copy of the information email I just received:

The health and well-being of our customers, partners, employees and communities is of utmost importance to us. As a result, during this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, Cisco Live, our premier in-person customer and partner experience of the year, is being relaunched as a complimentary, full-scale digital event, enabling remote participation from anywhere in the world. We’re dedicated to making sure that the experience at digital Cisco Live 2020 reflects the Cisco Live that so many in the community have come to know and love.


Join us June 2-3, 2020 for the Cisco Live 2020 digital event.


Cisco Live’s digital experience will build on our long-standing history of delivering high energy live broadcasts and technical on-demand training, including:

  • Live-streamed keynotes, Innovation Talks and technical content
  • High value, on-demand technical deep-dive sessions
  • Interactive opportunities with Cisco experts
  • Social media contests and more

Join us for the Cisco Live 2020 digital event June 2-3, 2020.
Click here to add the event to your calendar.


Check the Cisco Live website for ongoing programming updates and answers to your questions.


We’re looking forward to seeing you all online!


Have questions? We’ve got answers.

The Cisco Live Team


Customer and Partner registrations will be fully refunded. You will receive a follow-up email with more information on the refund process.


Registration Support: 1.866.405.2508
International: 1.650.416.8768
Email Support:


Original post:

About Cisco Live US 2020: today, my good friend and CCIE engineer Palmer Sample wrote on twitter:

I’m torn about attending #CLUS this year with the virus outbreak. I want to attend and see my friends, but also feel that we aren’t getting enough honest information to help guide my decision. Anyone else in the same boat?

Given the current situation, I think it’s natural to ask this question. Here are a few pros and cons to, I hope, help you make a choice. Then, further down in this article, three events not to be missed during Cisco Live US 2020.

Last update I received from Cisco, March 9th

First of all, we have to consider that maybe there won’t be a choice at all. If Cisco Live US 2020 is cancelled, that’s it, the game is over for this year, unfortunately.

To this question, on March 9th, I received an answer via twitter from @CiscoLive:

“Cisco is monitoring official guidance and assessing global risk factors that may impact Cisco Live. At this time Cisco Live is moving forward as planned. We will follow official guidelines on restricting the spread of the infection & ensuring the safety of our participants.”

So, so far, we’re not sure of anything.


Arguments for participating

I’m not a medical doctor, and this is my personal opinion based on the situation at the time I write this article. Please DO NOT consider this a medical advice! Everyone should make their own assessment, if necessary with the help of a qualified doctor.

In my opinion, almost everyone in Europe will have the virus and will be cured before the end of May, before the start of Cisco Live. And apparently, the chances of having the virus a second time are very very low, except for two or three exceptions in China, it never happened. So if we are cured of the virus, I don’t see any reason to not participate to Cisco Live US 2020.

But, I live in Europe. For American residents, the virus arrived later. So the peak of the spread will be later too. Maybe the peak will arrive early enough that we can make the same reasoning for the USA. Or maybe by May, an efficient cure will be found. So there is hope.


Arguments against participation

First of all, if you are an “at-risk” person, and if you don’t had the virus before the conference, and there is still no efficient cure at the time of the conference, probably it is safer not to go.

Then, if the situation is like in Europe these days, the risk of catching the virus in a conference is actually quite high. First, during the trip. It’s hard to keep a sufficient distance from people on an economy class airplane or any public transport. Then, during the conference there are a lot of people gathered in the same place. For example sitting together in a closed room for more than half an hour during a breakout session. Or in the world of solutions, it is also difficult to keep a sufficient distance from everyone. Even if you wear a mask and wash your hands regularly: the risk is still quite high.

Another risk is to not be able to reach the conference during the trip to Vegas. There are a lot of cancelled flights right now, and also a lot of people coming in from infected areas that have been quarantined “by default”. The situation changes from day to day. It would be a shame to come to Vegas and be quarantined for the duration of the conference… On this point, we can only know a few days before the start of the conference, it is quite impossible to anticipate.



Well, I can only give you the standard answer we all get to most of network design questions: it depends!

One point, though, if the conference goes on, maybe Cisco should ease up the cancellation & refund rules for the conference fee. To allow participants to cancel at the last minute if they are ill or if they feel the risk is too big.


And if you choose to go…

Now, if you decide to go, first I hope to see you there!

Then, if you haven’t registered for Cisco Live US 2020 yet, do it fast! There’s not much time left to get the discounted prices: up to $500 off the regular price!

And don’t forget, you can also register for a free Cisco exam during the conference. You should see this option during the registration process. Don’t lose this opportunity.

And then, here is a list of three Cisco Live events that have already been revealed on social media:


Cisco Live arrival and departure Tweetups

The two official tweetups are not to be missed! You can connect with your social peers and participate to the famous traditional group photo:

  • The Arrival Tweetup is Sunday, May 31, 5:45–7:15 pm at the Social Media Hub. Near the entrance of the World of Solutions. Don’t miss the famous group photo planned for around 6:10 pm!
  • The Departure Tweetup will follow the final keynote, Thursday, June 4 at around 4:30 pm. At the Cisco Live logo 3D sculpture.

Customers Appreciation Event (CAE)

This year, the CAE event will take place Wednesday June 3rd, at the Thomas and Mack Center, Las Vegas!
The Thomas and Mack center is a huge stadium on the UNLV campus that can hold almost 20,000 people.

It will be a music “festival-style” event. Organizers have promised multiple stages and entertainment “everywhere you look.”

Sources: John Mark Ivey blog and A.J. Murray blog – noblinkyblinky


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