How to setup Cisco VIRL, VM Maestro to use SecureCRT as default terminal

The GUI application to use Cisco VIRL, VM Maestro, comes with a basic internal Telnet and SSH client called “Cisco Terminal”.

If, like me, you want to use the rock-solid SecureCRT as terminal emulator client, you need to change the the VM Maestro preferences.


VM Maestro configuration

    1. Open VM Maestro
    2. Go to File and open Preferences
    3. Under Terminal, open Cisco Terminal
    4. Choose: Use external terminal applications
    5. Enter the settings :
    • Telnet command: the location of your SecureCRT.exe
      Depending on your SecureCRT installation, it could be under:
      C:\Program Files\VanDyke Software\…
      or under:
      C:\Users\youruser\AppData\Local\VanDyke Software\…
    • Telnet arguments: /N %t /T /TELNET %h %p
    • SSH command: same as telnet command
    • SSH arguments: /N %t /T /SSH2 %h %p %r


Here is a screenshot:

VMMaestro Terminal Settings

There you go!


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