Cisco Live US 2018 – CAE and keynote speakers [updated]


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After being six times at Cisco Live Europe between 2009 and 2016, this year my management allowed me to go to Cisco Live US. I registered last week and now I am starting to see some rumors about the customer appreciation event (CAE) and the keynote speakers.

Customer Appreciation Event

First rumor read here and there, the CAE of Wednesday June 13th, will be at Universal Studios OrlandoFrom 7:30 PM to 11:30 PM, CAE participants will have exclusive access to the theme park, including the rides and attractions.

The event will feature multiple stages with multiple groups of “festival style music”, they promise to be something for everyone. Plus, the usual food and beverage.

And that’s not all!
Your wristband for the CAE will also give you access to the Universal Islands of Adventure from 6:00 PM. This park will be also open to public, not only for the CAE participants.

The shuttle service will start from 7:00 PM from the hotels, so if you want to go to the park early, you should book your Uber or taxi service yourself.

Update (8-mar-2018): this is now official:

Keynote Speakers

Another rumor from here; the Thursday closing keynotes will come from:


What’s next?

Now I am looking forward to schedule my labs, seminars and sessions. This will be available mid-April. In the meantime, if you also join Cisco Live US this year, please let me know on Twitter or here.

For you, this is not too late to register for Cisco Live US, visit:


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